The amazing Chase Davis kicked off the party with an assortment of songs in different languages that got the crowd going. ” - Enigma Magazine

Boojie Boy

Boojie Boy is an American born, French raised British Electronic Artist who has created a melodic fusion of cultures and musical genres.

At 15 years old, Boogie Boy discovered he had a bass baritone singing voice, which eventually led to an interest in Jazz.

At this time he become interested in Garage Band  and songwriting. he switch from Drama and Literature to music and he obtained a place at Brunel University to study Sonic Arts and Composition.  He then head to the University of York where he studied Music Production. 

Over the past 18 months Boojie Boy’s greatest challenge has been to bring his classical voice into one of his favourites genres, Rap. His new EP “Honey on My Eyes” uses the down tempo melodic elements of Trip Hop, R&B and Trap.

The lyrics are not Urban or meant to be. Boojie Boy uses  Rap style to tell his own story, which describes his experiences growing up in France as an immigrant to British American parents, his relationships, and social issues.

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