Production, Mixing & Vocal Tuning Services

As a singer, I am always nervous before recording. 

I ask myself if I will be good enough, if I can be the best I can be?


The most important job of a producer is to make the singer feel comfortable enough to let them express themselves freely, without judgement and to be at ease enough to take creative risks.  If you work with me, that is exactly what I will do for you.


Whether you are a solo singer songwriter, EDM artists or a band with a song, which features the voice up front and foremost  - you’ll love working with Chase and Tianna. 


Let the Work speaks for itself!  Check it out here 

Production & Mixing

Sound Design Projects

Citroen Car Launch - Soundtrack Project  


What else does Chase bring to the Table? 

  • Classical trained baritone ( 3 octave range + 9 languages).
  • Experience in live in Musical Theatre and Solo Show performances.
  • Undergraduate degree in Music Composition 
  • Graduate degree in Music Production. His thesis was Exploring Vocal Processing and Techniques Across Different Genres from Pre to Post Studio Production and its Impact on Artistic Identity. 
  • Professional bilingual voice actor represented by top agencies V.S.I, & Matinee Multilingual 
  • French and English speaking coach for advanced students. 
  • Personable, and hard working 


The Team 

Creative:      Chase Emery Davis 

Sound:           Producer, Mixer, Sound Designer, Composer, Creative Coach 

Voice Actor:  Native French, Native English, Castilian Spanish 

Vocalist:         Baritone 3 octaves in 9 languages 


Technical:     Tianna Li 

Sound:            Broadcast Audio Engineer, Producer 

Voice Actor:   Native Mandarin 


Collaborations:  Larry Davis 

Strategy,  Brand Management, Travel Logistics, Events, 



Editions Hattier, S.N.C.F for Audiophase, Nesquik for Tour 78, Quantic Dreams, Northern Hop Music, Cypher TM, Sonepar for Agence Madame Monsieur, Eurostar for Babble Voices. 



Call or Skype for a FREE evaluation and discussion.  Chase can work with songs you have already recorded or within walking distance of his home studio are 3 fully equipped recording studios.

• Creative coaching production and mixing option

  £60 per hour OR £40 per hour + 30% Royalty OR  £30 + 40% Royalty OR £20 + 50% Royalty

• Professional Recording Studio £16/hour 

• Professional Mixing and Mastering £100/song 

• Minimum Billing £200


Other Services 

•Short Script Writing for Radio and TV 

•Top Line, Underscore, Soundtracks 

•Post Production Synching 

•Bespoke Music Composition and Songs 

•Voice Overs and Dubbing 

•Access to Top International / Foreign Voices.