Voice Actor & Vocalist

Born in New York, and raised in Paris, Chase is a 22 year old British classically trained baritone / rock crossover singer songwriter.  He has a warm, rich and smooth speaking voice in the 25-30 age range and a dynamic, young voice in the teenage to mid 20s range.  As a vocalist he sings musical theatre songs and French chansons with a soulful & haunting timbre and raps poetic slang in his upper range.

Since the age of 10, Chase trained with several top American film coaches in Paris, and later, National Youth Theatre in London.  At 15 before moving to Cumbria to focus on Drama and Literature, he began voice lessons and became interested in musical theatre, performing with National Youth Music.  He unexpectedly found a growing passion for music leading to a degree in music composition, and advanced knowledge and experience in sound production.

SPOKEN English with French Accent


French VocalIST

Northern Hop
Editions Hattier
The Crossing

My Name Is...