Win the War Tomorrow

Will Millennials hear this song as an Anthem of hope and a call to action.


CENTRAL LONDON, England - Jan. 13, 2017   
Chase Emery Davis is a New York born, Paris raised, British classical baritone / rock crossover singer-songwriter with a soulful, haunting, yet powerful voice. He blends indie rock, soul & folk genres in lush, emotive songs about love & hope. His new song Win the War Tomorrow is no exception. 

The song begins: 

It seems that fate has got the best of me 
I try to hold my breath and count to three 
But I just keep choking on the same old air 
History repeats itself but 
No one seems to care about us 

"I'm immensely frustrated as are all my friends and countless other young people. I don't want to be a bystander in my future. This song might seem downbeat at first but its meant to be an an inspirational anthem for the future. No matter how much we lose, we're not defeated until we give up"  says Chase and it seems this feeling resonates with others. 

The song was the most played single on Singer Songwriter FM, and has been picked up for play in over 600,000 outlets by Moodmedia, Musicmatic and Xenox. great reviews from Indie Music Plus. 

Featured on the Winklewagen Show Sunday Jan 15 at 7pm GMT.

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