Chase Emery Davis is a New York born, Paris raised, producer, composer, vocalist, voice and film actor.

Chase is a trilingual classically trained singer with a 3 octave range and a warm, melodic baritone tessitura. He sings in 9 languages including Japanese, Korean and Mandarin. 

He has worked since the age of 14 professionally as an actor in Paris and performed in musical theatre and as a voice actor and lead vocal in the UK over the past 6 years.

As a highly trained music producer and sound designer, he has developed a specialty in voice mastering, and has an undergraduate degree in composition and masters in music prodcution.  

Chase writes songs in multiple genres including Pop, Rock, Latin, American Trap, Rap, Cabaret, EDM, and French Chanson.

He is one of the few non-hispanic songwriters and performers of Latin Pop and Reggaeton music in the UK and one of the few EDM artists in the world who sings over his tracks. 

Chase is also a professional bilingual voice actor and is represented by some of the top voice over agencies in London as well as Jack and Jill Talent Agency for film acting.


"It all starts with a note, a solitary note played, or written on the page. Before anything else, I am a storyteller and poet. I love writing songs and also orchestral cinematic film scores. I see music as a tapestry, which tells stories with sounds, images, narrative, and a rich canopy of emotions that I hope everyone can relate to."

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