Learn To SPEAK French A New Approach

One of the most fundamental parts of being human is using language, from grunts to sounds; we've been doing it forever. You might be wondering why I am telling you this piece of rather obvious-sounding information. Many people have doubts about their language learning skills, and even those who don't have moments of intense frustration. In fact, one of our greatest issues in the language learning community is the dropout rate. What I want to briefly explore before this course begins is the psychology behind it. It's really quite simple. All we have to do is look at cultures around the world that speak two or more languages from birth, either due to culture or pure necessity. The difference between traditionally monolingual cultures and the others is just one thing: the lack of expectation and questioning.

The entire concept of how languages are taught, in my opinion, is wrong. Learning comes with a thousand implications, revolving around actively putting information into your own brain because studying in this way is measurable, safe, quantifiable, and replicable using books and other tools. Some linguists talk about oral input and various other types of techniques which do work for some, but why do some cultures then ALL succeed? And it is not through active learning. It is because of a lack of questioning, a lack of drive for absolute perfection, a perfection that is born from the world of academia which tells you that this test or that test proves your skill to yourself and others.

What I always tell my own students is that there is no test, there is no exam. The only way we will know if we are succeeding is one question: can you talk to me? That's it. So what can we take away from this? We have the natural ability to pick up language, and it starts with a change in mindset, trusting instinct and intuition. Because when you speak, you don't think of every word coming out of your mouth; it begins as a thought. This means that if it takes you, as an individual, longer or less time, that is ok. If it is not clicking, it's just not clicking yet. Language is a human thing, so let it be exactly that.

You don't get frustrated and give up if you can't hold your breath as long as a friend, or if you can't fall asleep as quickly as a member of your family. You don't shout and scream at the thought of someone walking at a different speed than you. Well, take language and put it in that category, because that is what it is. So trust yourself, there is no need to get frustrated. You don't need to be able to talk about everything under the sun; you just need to do what you feel is right for you.

FRENCH Expertise


My unique blend of French skills centers around the art of voice, both spoken and sung. Raised in Paris, French was my second language, spoken fluently at school, while I conversed in English at home. This bilingual upbringing has given me a profound understanding of language nuances.

Despite personal challenges, like overcoming a lisp through years of therapy and navigating the world with dyslexia, I have developed a distinct way of perceiving language. I don't just read words and musical notes; I see patterns and colors, enabling a unique teaching perspective.

I'm a professionally trained film actor and a classically trained musical theatre singer, fluent in 24 languages with near-perfect accents. My academic background includes a Master's in Music Production, focusing on voice recording in studio settings.

As a professional bilingual voice actor, I bring a rich, multifaceted experience to my teaching.

My Passion for Teaching French

At the core of my teaching philosophy is a passion for the French language and a commitment to making learning an enjoyable and enriching experience. I aim to inspire my students, guiding them to find their unique voice in French, and to enjoy the journey of language learning. Join me in discovering the beauty and depth of the French language in a way that is engaging, effective, and most importantly, fun!

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