French Conversation Expert & One on One Language Coach

London based, Paris raised Chase Emery Davis brings a unique deep cultural expertise to spoken conversation & linguistic direction between French & English.

Speak French - Like the French 

Chase speaks French, British, English, and Spanish fluently without accent. For over 10 years, he has used his skill and great ear to become an exceptional English and French language coach to students of all ages, levels and nationalities focusing on conversation and pronounciation.

For fun, Chase continues his own language studies in Mandarin, and he has created a language with its own unique orthography which includes graphemes, phonemes, and grammar rules.  

French Voice Overs & Dubbing

With 12 years professional voice acting experience, which started at the age of 13, Chase has become a world class trilingual French / British / Spanish voice actor.

He has worked for AirB&B, Eurostar, Editions Hatier, S.N.C.F, Nesquik, YouTube France, Fujitsu, Agfa, Binter Airways, and Ulverscroft Publishing reading the lead character in the English version (with French accent) audiobook of Michel Bussi 's mystery “Never Forget”.   Click below to hear him.

Voice Reels

On Set Film Language & Dialect Coaching

Chase has 12 years of acting training at National Youth Theatre, British Youth Music, Central School of Speech and Drama, Ecole Jacques Lecoq and masterclasses with on-set US film coach Marilyn Fried, Living Theatre co founder Judith Molina, Word for Word artistic director Susan Harloe and Broadway coach Carol Fox Prescott.

As one of the greatest contemporary baritone Indie/Blues singers in the world, Chase has studied with opera star Franco Pomponi, and jazz great Claire Martin OBE.

Translation for Films

Chase has a passion for creative writing and has just authored his first illustrated Children's book. Chase studied literature in his teens and developed an interest in poetry and contemporary “Street” language.  He writes culturally accurate urban lyrics for his own unique style of RnB/Rap songs in English and French. 

Red Door for Huyundai Publicity

Speak to Me - French Accent Review
  • Speak to Me - French Accent Review

Speak to Me - French Accent Review



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Speak to me in French.

I'll tell you where you are weak , where you are strong and what to work on to get to the next step in mastering communicating clearly in French.

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Language Reviews

Job: Accent Coaching 
Blair B. (USA) 
Role: Director - “The Art Song Preservation Society of New York” 

“Chase is a gifted polyglot. He works hard to tailor the session to the particular needs of the individual. He is also a great source of motivation so I feel very inspired to begin our work together.” 

Job: French Dubbing for S.N.C.F 
Laura S. (FRANCE) 
Role: Director 

"A quick email to thank you all for your great work yesterday. […] The program was not easy and we would probably not have made it without your help and your goodwill. So once again, from Matthieu and me: thank you so much! " (Translated from French) 

Job: Accent and Language Coaching 
Rio T.  (JAPAN) 
Role: Business Executive 

“Chase is really professional. Whenever I didn't understand the meaning of expressions or found difficulties in looking for exact words to say, he always explained everything in the best way and let me understand all of them. I enjoyed every second during the lesson. Thank you very much!” 


Job: Business Language and Conversation Coaching 
Alley L. (ITALY) 
Role: Co-owner of a Major Italian Retailer  

“Amazing lesson. Chase is such a vibrant exciting teacher, you will never get bored. He is professional but also funny and easygoing. I loved his lesson so much” 

Job: Conversation and Accent Coaching 
Role: Consulate at the U.N. 

“I only have good words to say about Chase. He has helped me a lot during our first session and don't even get me started with the second one as it was just… So if you are looking for a very dynamic coach who is encouraging, respects and values the scheduled tutorial time, and most of all - is very considerate to his students, look no further.” 


Job: French Translation & Song Interpretation 
Steve Y. (S.KOREA) 
Role: Producer of Red Door Publicity for Hyundai 

Outstanding!! Very versatile, timely, easy to communicate, and very talented! Chase went above and beyond what we expected and we are very happy with the results. Would definitely work with again!!