Mini French Language Course

Welcome to an exclusive language course designed for English speakers who aspire to not only speak French but to embody its elegance.

This is your first step in a captivating and immersive four-part series focused on “Luxury Fashion Brands and Shopping”.

This course will take you through the world of French luxury fashion while teaching you history as well as language you can use to impress and communicate clearly and elegantly when you visit France.

Many travelers return from France with mixed feelings. Some bask in the joy of connection, while others feel frustration and disappointment. 

What's the difference? It's not just about learning French; it's about learning the right kind of French. With a family legacy rooted in the travel industry in Paris, I've witnessed the transformative power of eloquent French first hand.

Online platforms, books, movies, and podcasts can't offer the nuanced understanding needed for consistently positive interactions in France.

In fact, did you know, the French, from all backgrounds and walks of life, respect and cherish beautifully crafted language. You may be obviously foreign, and they might respond in English, but your initial words set the tone for the entire encounter.

While basic French knowledge helps, it's the finesse and elegance of your words that truly matter.

Part 1 includes 11 short videos of total 30 mins: 

Basic Grammer plus 5 brand histories and 5 videos highlighting French words and phrases.

By the end of the 4 Part series, you'll know:

The origins of 20 iconic French luxury fashion brands

  • 100 fashion-centric vocabulary words
  • Over 60 phrases, empowering you to stride into any boutique and converse confidently whe visiting France.
  • Basic grammar to craft your own elegant French sentences.
  • Gain the ability to impress and communicate with grace and clarity.