Learn French - One to One Private Classes

In the first class I will be asking lots of questions for the first 20 minutes (about pronunciation, sentence building, reading etc…) to try to determine your level and what you might need help with.

During the last 10 minutes, we’re going to draw up an action plan for future classes and you can ask me as many questions as you like.

I'll tell you where you are weak , where you are strong and what to work on to get to the next step in mastering communicating clearly in French.


Job: Accent Coaching 
Blair B. (USA)  Role: Director - “The Art Song Preservation Society of New York” 

“Chase is a gifted polyglot. He works hard to tailor the session to the particular needs of the individual. He is also a great source of motivation so I feel very inspired to begin our work together.” 

Job: French Dubbing for S.N.C.F 
Laura S. (FRANCE)  Role: Director 

"A quick email to thank you all for your great work yesterday. […] The program was not easy and we would probably not have made it without your help and your goodwill. So once again, from Matthieu and me: thank you so much! " (Translated from French) 

Job: Accent and Language Coaching 
Rio T.  (JAPAN)  Role: Business Executive 

“Chase is really professional. Whenever I didn't understand the meaning of expressions or found difficulties in looking for exact words to say, he always explained everything in the best way and let me understand all of them. I enjoyed every second during the lesson. Thank you very much!” 


Job: Business Language and Conversation Coaching 
Alley L. (ITALY)  Role: Co-owner of a Major Italian Retailer  

“Amazing lesson. Chase is such a vibrant exciting teacher, you will never get bored. He is professional but also funny and easygoing. I loved his lesson so much” 

Job: Conversation and Accent Coaching 
Greg S. (SWITZERLAND)  Role: Consulate at the U.N. 

“I only have good words to say about Chase. He has helped me a lot during our first session and don't even get me started with the second one as it was just… So if you are looking for a very dynamic coach who is encouraging, respects and values the scheduled tutorial time, and most of all - is very considerate to his students, look no further.” 

Why Study with Me

As a leading expert in French pronunciation, my journey in the world of language is both deep and diverse. Having spent over a decade coaching actors and private students, I have honed my skills to a fine edge. My experience isn't limited to French alone; I am a trilingual voice-over actor, fluent in French, English, and Spanish. This unique background gives me a broad perspective on language learning, one that I bring to every lesson I teach.

My teaching approach is not your typical classroom lecture. I believe in training the subconscious, in gently guiding it through the intricacies of French pronunciation. This is achieved by presenting information in a specific sequence, meticulously crafted and intertwined with relevant context and concepts. It's not just about learning; it's about understanding the whys and hows of the language.

Concepts are, without doubt, the cornerstone of my method. They are the keys that unlock the ability to grasp key information efficiently and effectively. I emphasize the importance of building knowledge from the ground up, ensuring that every foundational block is firmly in place. This approach allows me to simplify complex ideas, making them accessible to everyone.

A critical focus of my teaching is pronunciation. It's the heart of speaking French clearly and enjoying the beauty of the language. It's not just about getting the words right; it's about immersing yourself in the rhythm and melody of French, feeling each syllable and understanding its place in the grand tapestry of conversation.

Teaching, for me, is about providing tools, not just information. It's about empowering students to use what they've learned, to take the building blocks of language and craft their own unique expressions. It's a journey that goes beyond mere retention of information; it's about discovery, practice, and ultimately, mastery. Join me, and let's explore the rich and nuanced world of French pronunciation together.