London Jazz Singer

Chase Emery Davis is a tall, blued eyed, classically trained bass baritone with great stage presence, and an astonishing voice, with a 3 octave range reminiscent of Elvis Presley and the timbre Nat King Cole. 

With 10 years of acting, musical theatre and solo acoustic performances under his belt, he has turned his attention to Jazz and offers his unique interpretation of the Great American Standards, as well as Latin and other genres, which he arranges and sings in his warm, soulful style. 

Born in New York and raised in Paris, Chase speaks several languages, and sings in 10. He starting a career as an professional actor at the age of 13 and at 15 discovered he had a “voice” and began vocal training with soprano and Jazz singer Valerie Beatson, and masterclasses with Franco Pomponi. After moving to the UK Chase joined an acapella group and continued training. More recently he has been studying with vocal coach Lucy Philips, and jazz great Claire Martin. 

By 17 Chase was composing music at an advanced level. Rather than jump into the music scene he decided to begin formal studies in music. He was awarded a place to study sonic arts and composition at Brunel University where he self-produced his first LP “Endymion Dreams”, The album was reviewed to high praise by the examiner, a music reviewer for the Guardian who wrote “It’s a mark of your success with this album that I am tempted to assess it as a commercial release rather than as a final year project. Well done! 

Chase then spent a year at the university of York studying music production with a special focus and research on vocal performance. 

When not performing jazz, Chase enjoys writing and performing EDM joining the rare ranks of British DJ/Vocalist/Songwriters such as Cristina Novelli and Harrison. His original tracks are unsurprisingly melodically driven, with interesting harmonies, which traverse multiple genres.

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